Designed to take your XPression graphics workflow to the next level, Streamline Graphics includes the ability to organize replaceable assets with robust metadata and improve communication and efficiency with a work order management system.


Bridge the gap between the newsroom computer system and the video server with Streamline Production. Create placeholders, search existing content and preview proxies directly from the newsroom computer system. Manage files between multiple storage locations and playout devices.


The ultimate asset management tool combining the ability to manage content for both graphics and video playout. Streamline Enterprise offers the highest level of functionality for creating work orders and placeholders, browsing existing content and managing files between storage and playout devices.

Increase Efficiency

Finding the right video clip or image is easier than ever. Use customizable metadata fields to search for existing assets and view a proxy or thumbnail from a web browser or plugin in the newsroom computer system (NRCS).

Automated Organization

Content can be ingested, copied or moved based on rules. Index content from a variety of file storage systems including on premise and cloud options. Move content between servers and file storage locations with automated rules. Delete content using lifecycle rules for playout servers.

Improve Communication

In a graphics workflow, use the work order manager to request and track fulfillment of asset requests. In a video workflow, create placeholders and receive real time status updates in the newsroom computer system. Built-in messaging can help users stay connected regardless off where they are located.

Approvals & User Permissions

User permissions can be configured to control who can access and modify content in the system. New assets can also be put through an optional approval process to help control your on-air brand.

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